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Rose Marie Warzée (1959°)

Rose Marie studied Art and Screen Printing at « Sainte Marie » in Brussels. Between 1983 and 1999 she did a lot of exhibitions in Africa  and since 2000, she is mainly present in Belgium.

When steel joins in with lightness

Rose Marie Warzée

Renowned for her abstract paintings, Rose Marie Warzée is not willing to be confined to one single artistic expression. Besides her paintings on canvas, her creative spirit brought her to try her skills at sculpture.

Her natural inclination to conduct her paintings through square or circular geometrical forms giving those forms infinite modulating variety enhanced by ranges of deep-burning colours has probably guided RMW to the fascinating world of abstract sculpture.

In her paintings as in her sculptures there is continuity. Circular forms linked to a tense rigid expression are there for the discerning observer.

In an ultimate quest for simplicity, the artist stacks corten steel plates cut with surgical precision to fit one by one on top of each other around a central axis. The result is simple,bright,exciting.

A work of art exuding precision,energy and power.

Hooked on that central supportive axis each plate is mobile. With a touch of your hand, you will swivel it to a new shape, a new identity. Initially flat and static, the volume lingers in the air for a while and turns into a new desirable volute. Exuded power turns into grace and aerial,delicate curly spirals. In broad daylight each metal plate gathers further momentum as sparkling light plays in between its wings. The artist allows the spectator to be part of its intimacy, to participate in the creation of endless variations without altering the purity of the work of art.

RMW is constantly experiencing and penetrating space. Take a look at these giant steel butterflies, their colourful wings widespread enjoying life in that green scenery. So is RMW. Let’s see what future brings. Further research,new forms, new dimensions, perhaps new material. A thing of beauty being a joy for ever, we’ll surely enjoy it.